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Wing Ming | Exquisite Milk Supplement Tea

Wing Ming | Exquisite Milk Supplement Tea

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Exquisite Packing Milk Supplement ( Pellet Dose)

Function and indications:

Clearing heat and detoxicate, calming nerves, diuresis and eliminating dampness

Due to busy of modern ladies, it is easy to neglect babies' daily diet.

Poor appetite and gastrointestinal system are the result of unbalanced nutrients absorption. 

Toxins are thus accumulated inside the body. Wing Ming exquisite packing milk supplement ( pellet Dose) 

is specially formulated for modern mum and their babies. Its drinking method is sample,

improve gastrointestinal system and appetite. It is your babies' most favorites drink.

Junci Meduila, Cob Maydis, Coicis Semen(raw), Coicis Semen (cooked)

Oryzae Geminatus Fructus, Hordel Geminatus Fructus, Uncariae Ramulus cum Uncis,

Lophatheri Herba, Cicadae Periostracum, Saigae Tataricae Corn


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