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Imperial Brand | Reishi Spore Capsules

Imperial Brand | Reishi Spore Capsules

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 MADE IN JAPAN, 100 Tablets

Reishi Spore Capsules have been regarded as a precious medicinal herb since ancient times and are considered the best among medicinal herbs. In Japan, Reishi products are seen as essential health supplements, and the Japanese people, who understand the importance of health maintenance, are known for their longevity. In recent years, it has been discovered that the spores of Reishi are the essence of its efficacy, surpassing the benefits of Reishi itself, and the broken cell wall of Reishi spores makes them more easily absorbed by the human body. The composition of Reishi spores contains small molecular proteins that regulate the body's immune system. These proteins and amino acids have a similar structure to human immunoglobulins, allowing them to exhibit immune-like functions in the body, enhance immune capabilities, and defend against viral invasions. They can prevent epidemics and contribute to health maintenance.

The Japanese Emperor's brand Reishi Spore incorporates six different colors of Reishi and utilizes advanced modern Japanese pharmaceutical technology to break the cell walls of the six-color Reishi spores, resulting in the highest activity of active substances and greatly enhancing the therapeutic effects of Reishi spores. Among the various Reishi colors, the following six colors are especially effective: Red Reishi treats the heart and skin, Yellow Reishi treats the spleen and stomach, Purple Reishi treats the joints, Green Reishi treats the liver, White Reishi treats the lungs, and Black Reishi treats the kidneys and brain. Modern medical research has confirmed that Reishi spores have excellent immune-modulating effects. Its essence can be used for disease treatment, health maintenance, anti-aging, promotion of metabolism, enhancement of physical functions, elimination of toxins, and improvement of body resistance.

To enhance the effectiveness of this product, the Japanese pharmaceutical company NIHON VITAMIN CHEMICAL CO., LTD. has added ingredients from Himematsutake (Agaricus Hazei Murrill), which provides more comprehensive protection for the health of users. Himematsutake contains rich polysaccharides, various minerals, proteins, niacin, ergosterol (which can be converted into vitamin D2), and natural vitamins. The majority of the minerals are potassium, and there are also phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, sodium, iron, and other minerals. Natural vitamins include B1, B2, niacin, and ergosterol, which is abundant and can be converted into vitamin D2. The protein consists of 18 amino acids, including the essential eight amino acids for the human body. It also contains unsaturated fatty acids that are easily absorbed by the body. The effective ingredients it contains can help maintain the balance of human health. It has good responses in regulating physique, antioxidant effects, improving health levels, and eliminating toxins.

Japanese pharmaceutical and health products are highly praised in the medical field due to strict regulations and quality control. This is why Japanese pharmaceutical and health products lead the market and are popular. The Japanese Emperor's brand Reishi Spore is manufactured by a GMP-certified pharmaceutical company approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare of Japan (formerly known as the Ministry of Health and Welfare). It is currently the highest quality, purest, and finest pharmaceutical and health product available on the market. This product has no side effects and is safe and reliable to consume.

Recommended dosage: Take 1-2 capsules, twice daily.

Main ingredients per capsule: Reishi spore, Himematsutake.

Specification: 100 capsules per bottle.

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