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Ho Chai Kung | Tji Thung San

Ho Chai Kung | Tji Thung San

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Ho Chai Kung Tji Thung San Tablet is used to treat painful conditions such as headache including migraine, which is characterized by a recurrent headache ranging in severity from moderate to severe, toothache, backachepain and inflammation in the joints (rheumatic pain), painful monthly cycles (dysmenorrhoea) and fever (febrile conditions). It is also used to relieve the symptoms of coldsflu and sore throat. This medicine works by exerting a painkiller action and reducing the body temperature when you have a fever, the actions which are carried by paracetamol. Caffeine acts by helping enhance the effectiveness of paracetamol. This medicine helps by reducing body pain and fever.


Ho Chai Kung Tji Thung San belongs to the Analgesic-Antipyretic class of medicines. Antipyretic-analgesics drugs are a class of drugs with analgesic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic effect. It blocks the synthesis of prostaglandin in the central nervous system and peripheral tissues that causes pain. However, for its analgesic effect, it can only be used to clear mild to moderate pain.

How to use:

Follow directions on the product label, information guide, and provided by your doctor before using Ho Chai Kung Tji Thung San. Eat this medicine as per your doctor's instructions.

Ho Chai Kung Tji Thung San is eaten with or without food.

The typical adult dose of Ho Chai Kung Tji Thung San is 8 times a day. The typical dose for children is 4 times a day. The maximum dose for adults of Ho Chai Kung Tji Thung San is 8 times a day per day.

Tell your doctor if your condition persists. Talk to your doctor if headache. Consult with your doctor before stopping the use of Ho Chai Kung Tji Thung San Tablet.

Medicines may be given for uses other than those listed in the medicine guide. Do not use Ho Chai Kung Tji Thung San Tablet for symptoms for which it was not prescribed. Do not give Ho Chai Kung Tji Thung San Tablet to others who may have similar symptoms as you. Self-medication can cause harm.

Store Ho Chai Kung Tji Thung San Tablet store below 25°C. Keep this medicine away from children and pets.

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